Jessie J goes swimming in infinity pool on top of towering skyscraper, we sit at our desks

We really are getting SICK of seeing pics of celebs off sunning themselves in various exotic locations but these snaps of Jessie J really do just take the biscuit (ew).

Jessie J went swimming on top of a skycraper, as you do. Copyright: [Jessie J]

Not only is she swimming, in a bikini looking hot, but the swimming pool is on top of a blimmin' sky scraper in Singapore.

It doesn't come much more showbiz than that, celebs always have to go the extra mile don't they?

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Jessie took to her Instagram to share the experience, meaning we can gawp at the whole thing while sitting at our desk eating a bag of Doritos.


Appaz, the dip was a pretty big deal for Jessie, 24, who previous to this suffered from vertigo.

Jessie also flashed her bum in the pics, don't pretend you hadn't noticed! Copyright: [Jessie J]

Talk about facing your demons square on, eh?

Along with the snaps, Jessie posted the message: "Posting a picture of herself in the water, she wrote: 'Facing my fears with @alishadobson #heights I did it. (sic)"

Jessie arrived on her hols on Sunday and has posted a series of pictures on Twitter to keep us all updated with her trip...

Not jealous at all.

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