Jessie J denies Tinie Tempah dating rumours, *disappointed face*

Jessie J has had to ward off multiple rumours about her romantic life recently, with the latest whispers being that she's dating Tinie Tempah.

However, Jessie J has now denied that she and Tinie Tempah are dating - something which has left us feeling a bit disappointed.

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The Voice coach revealed that the speculation about her love life annoys her. She told Company magazine: "The only thing I want to be defined by is my music and personality. At the moment I'm single. The Tinie rumours aren't true!"

Jessie J revealed that she hates the rumours about her private life / Company magazine / Paul FarrellWe thought Jessie J and Tinie Tempah would've made a cute couple.

Jessie continued that she gets annoyed at the focus on her sexuality as well as her dating conquests.

She said: "The bisexual label irritates me. They'd never write "Adele — the straight singer", but that's how the world works."

Jessie J wants to teach her contestants on The Voice about sacrifice / WENNDespite being amazing on The Voice panel, Jessie J revealed that if she were a contestant, she would pick to be her mentor.

She explained: "I'd pick because of the opportunities he has in his pocket. He knows a lot of artists I listened to growing up, he's fun and he'd understand the music I want to make."

Jessie J said that she'd choose to be her coach on The Voice / WENNJessie J went on to explain that she'll stick by her acts on The Voice, as life in the spotlight can be tough.

She said: "I want to teach my acts that it's about sacrifice — it isn't easy. It's about staying in to avoid losing your voice shouting over music in clubs. It's about understanding you'll miss family events and won't be able to eat the cake you want on your birthday."

Jessie continued: "You'll doubt yourself, lose your voice and people will tweet horrible things. But I'll be there for them."

The full interview appears in the June issue of Company, on sale 11th May

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