Jessica Wright gets mistaken for Megan Fox *high fives*

If there was any Hollywood star we'd like to be mistaken for, we're pretty sure it'd be Megan Fox.

Jessica Wright, Megan FoxJessica Wright has been compared to Megan Fox. Copyright [Wenn/BIG]

After all she's basically a walking goddess.

And so we're pretty jealous of TOWIE's Jessica Wright who was told she looked just like Megan Fox while in Vegas yesterday.

We reckon it's a seriously cool accolade to have for Jess - and have always girl-drooled over her brunette looks.

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And we're pretty sure that her fit boyfriend Ricky Rayment will be MORE than happy with that compliment.

Jess tweeted: "Getting told I look like Megan Fox in Vegas #thatwasagoodday #thisiswhyvegasrules"

Ricky Rayment, Jessica Wright, TOWIEWe're pretty sure Ricky Rayment will be chuffed with Jessica Wright's comparison. Copyright [Big]

Meanwhile Jess is looking to kick-start her music career, having debuted her new 'Dance All Night' video.

The vid shows the Essex lass looking seriously hot in her bikini bod in Marbs (obv) as she moves around sexily in the sand.