Jessica Simpson tweets sweet picture of her mini me baby Maxwell, we go googoogaga

Jessica Simpson has made us go all gooey by sharing a shot of her baby girl Maxwell.

Jessica Simpson, MaxwellJessica Simpson's baby Maxwell is such a cutie. Copyright [Twitter/Jessica Simpson]

Last night, Jessica Simpson tweeted a picture of baby Maxwell with the caption: "Howdy friends".

Howdy Maxwell, you absolute cutie pie *coos*

Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell is now eight weeks and has lovely pouty lips.

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A few days before sharing the sweet pic of Maxwell, Jessica Simpson tweeted a shot of herself with the caption: "Just taking a walk around the block... Street legal???"

She also tweeted last week: "I absolutely LOVE my family! Maxwell amazes Eric and I everyday with every little thing she does!"

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson tweeted this pic of herself too. Copyright [Twitter/Jessica Simpson]

The 31-year-old new mum gave birth to her first child on 1 May and is now working on losing her baby weight with a reported $4million Weight Watchers deal to reach her target of 130lbs.

Jessica Simpson is following a strict diet and working out with celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak, whose gym she was spotted at in West Hollywood last week.

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She told People she is eating protein-packed meals and drinking home-mixed juices.

Remember to treat yourself to the odd cake here and there too Jess.