Jessica Biel’s Total Recall dress was so tight she had make a quick change!

Jessica Biel ended up changing her dress half way through last night's Total Recall premiere after she admitted walking was becoming a bit of a struggle.

Jess's dress was just too tight. Copyright: [rex]

They do say beauty is pain, right? However, it is always nice to be able to walk.

Jessical Biel found this out the hard way after she was forced to do a quick change in the middle of the premiere.

Ms Biel arrived wearing a simply stunning Giambattista Valli creation however left wearing a simple green pencil dress.

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Well you can hardly sit through a whole film in a dress so tight you can hardly walk!

We reckon this is the celeb equivalent of unbuttoning your jeans at the dinner table.

Although we very much doubt it, we wonder if she had to do her quick change in the loo at the cinema?

Walking the carpet, Jess complained: "My dress is so tight, getting up the stairs was a lot harder than any of the stunts we did in the film."

Jess was struggling to get down stairs. Copyright: [rex]

The actress also needed help getting down the stairs on the stage, luckily lovely Alex Zane was there to hold her hand!

Meanwhile, her co-star, Kate Beckinsale looked increds in a strapless, black Donna Karan gown.

Kate Beckinsale looked amazing! Copyright: [rex]

Also in attendance was Colin Farrell who looked absolutely gorgeous as ever.

If you didn't have a crush on him before, we bet you do now.

Colin Farrell. Phwoar. Copyright: [rex]

With Kate, Jess and Colin all looking so gorge, we had to ask: do films get any fitter than Total Recall?