Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake reportedly married in a secret ceremony this weekend

Jessica Biel recently revealed she was in no rush to wed her superstar beau, Justin Timberlake but it appears no rush to her literally means a couple of weeks as she reportedly wed the star this weekend.

jessica biel justin timberlakeAww, Jessica and Justin reportdely wed on Sunday. Copyright [Getty]

The A-list duo are believed to have tied the knot at a secret ceremony on Saturday with Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake heading to Jackson Hole ski resort in Wyoming for their private wedding.

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According to American gossip site,, the newlyweds fooled everyone, a source telling the publication this weekend:

"They pulled a fast one on everybody! They are in the middle of their ceremony at a very fancy private estate and members of the wedding party are staying at the Four Seasons Hotel there."

jessica biel justin timberlakeJess and Justin fooled us all by claiming they weren't in a rush to marry. Copyright [Getty]

And if that doesn't convince you that Justin is well and truly off the market now (sobs) perhaps the fact wedding cake designer, Sylivia Weinstock was also seen at the Jackson Hole.

The Wyoming venue is pretty significant to the pair, they got engaged there at Christmas.

The wedding news is a sneaky surprise from the private couple who only officially revealed they were engaged last month.

Jessica even said recently that she was 'too busy' to plan a wedding — and we all fell for it. Last Thursday she was in London for the premiere of Total Recall and just three days (and some jet leg) later she was getting married.

Jess, you had us fooled!

Keith Lemon came into Yahoo! omg! HQ today as part of our first birthday celebrations. He had his say on today’s news.

Keith’s comment:

No! Did they? Well good for him. He’s right funny, he’s got a right good sense of humour. I’ve met him numerous times. I don’t know her, but he looks excited like a little boy. I hope it’s true and good luck to them. But I liked Cameron Diaz when he was with her.