Jersey Shore’s Pauly D: Snooki’s baby came out with a tan!

She seems to have taken to motherhood like a duck to water, tweeting pictures of herself cuddling up to baby Lorenzo, and now Snooki's Jersey Shore castmates say the new baby is a mini-me version of the fist-pumping star. Aww.

Snooki, Jersey ShoreWe chatted to the Jersey Shore boys about Snooki's baby. Copyright [Twitter]

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo! omg!, the boys from MTV's Jersey Shore told us they've been to visit baby Lorenzo — and he's an total cutie.

Pauly D said: "He's absolutely adorable. He has a full head of hair.

But it's bad news for Daddy Gionni, as they said Lorenzo resembles his Momma Snooks more.

"Lorenzo came out with a tan and everything, it was amazing," said self-proclaimed Uncle, Pauly D.

"He's a natural guido," added Ronnie.

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Mike agreed he "definitely" thought the baby looked more like Snooki — but he didn't fancy chatting to us about their alleged hook-up in the previous series.

"That particular question right there, you're gonna have to ask her about that…" he told us. Oo-er.

Jersey ShoreThe boys return in the final series tonight! Copyright [Wenn]

Tonight sees the castmates return to the legendary Jersey Shore for the final series and we asked the boys whether we can expect as much drama as we've seen before.

"Oh yeah, we always seem to say we're not going to get into the drama but it always finds its way towards us," said Pauly.

"There's definitely drama. You've got to expect drama in this television show…" added Ronnie, who got into a fight with Mike in Italy that ended up with Mike in hospital. Ouch.

But does it all end well for the Jersey Shore cast?

"It kind of puts an end to everything," said Ronnie.

"It shows us coming together as a family, because all these people I'm living with now I'm going to be friends with them for the rest of my life."

Aww — we can't wait to watch!

By Sophia Moir

Series 6 of Jersey Shore begins on Tuesday 9 October at 9pm on MTV