Jenson Button, since seeing her half naked we want your girlfriend’s body and diet secrets OK?

Can someone send out a memo to Jenson Button that he has the hottest girlfriend in showbiz? And here is some photographic evidence in case you are in doubt:

Jenson's girlfriend is gorge, fact. Copyright: [Esquire]

See what we mean?

Jenson's lady got down to her (very nice) underwear for this month's Esquire magazine which means we all get to have a gawp at her amazing figure.

And what did we learn from the photo shoot? Well, that Jessica Michibata is hot, fact.

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So the question is, just HOW can we hope to get a bod this hot (preferably in time for summer)?

Well, according to Jess, it will be hard work... The gorge girl reckons she works out every blimmin' day!

Jenson is a lucky man. Copyright: [Esquire]

Jessica, 28, says: "I work out, like almost every day. I go to the gym, I do yoga. Oh, and triathlons!"

The happy (gorgeous) couple. Copyright: [Twitter]

Jess first met Jenson back in 2008 in a hotel bar where she originally TURNED HIM DOWN thinking he was a bit of a player.

However, after eight months she agreed to be his girlfriend until the pair split in 2011.

They managed just six months apart and the rest, as they do say, is history!