Jennifer Metcalfe uploads picture of herself in the bath, continues to show Sylvain Longchambon what he gave up

Earlier today, Jennifer Metcalfe made some rather cutting remarks about her ex fiancé Sylvain Longchambon and his Dancing on Ice partner Samia Ghadie.

Jen tweeted this picture earlier today. Copyright [Twitter/Jennifer Metcalfe]

Jen, 29, has now uploaded a cheeky picture of herself taking a bubble bath on Twitter.

Well if anything can help show an ex what they aremissing, a half naked picture should do the trick.

Jennifer captioned the photo:"Splish splash splash!!!!"

Very well played.

In an interview with today’s Now magazine, Jennifer Metcalfe opened up about her split from Sylvain and his new romance with Samia Ghadie.

And boy did she have a lot to say.

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Jennifer told Now magazine: "I really hope it works out. She seems like a nice girl. If it was me I wouldn't want to start a relationship with someone who was still in love with his partner."

Samia and SylvainJen admitted Sylvain was initially happy to be partnered with Samia . Copyright [Sylvain Longchambon]

Talking about her ex’s reaction to finding out he was paired with Samia before the show started, Jen explained that he wasn’t initially very happy.

Jennifer said: "He was disappointed. He wanted Beth Tweddle... It was me who told him Samia seemed lovely and I remember telling him to not worry about the lifts because she's tiny and light.

"But he wasn't in any way excited - he was downbeat about Samia."

Jennifer Metcalfe also revealed her reaction to when she first saw that Sylvain had changed his Twitter profile picture to one of him with Samia.

She admitted: "I just burst out laughing. Maybe there was something wrong in the relationship if I feel this good about myself and life now."

This is turning into one messy break-up.

But least Jen has chosen to keep things clean- at least in the hygienic sense.

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