Jennifer Metcalfe: ‘Sylvian told me about Samia Ghadie on Christmas Day, it was like a death’

Jennifer Metcalfe has confessed that her ex told her he had feeling for Samia Ghadie... on Christmas Day!

Syvian reportedly DUMPED Jen for Samia. Copyright: [Dancing on Ice/Rex]

Yep, the Dancing on Ice love triangle just got even MORE complicated.

Speaking to The Sun, Jennifer has opened up about EXACTLY what went on, saying how she had even imagined marriage and babies with Sylvian.

Jen says: “It’s like a death. I felt gutted. It was the worst Christmas ever."

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“You grieve for all the plans you had in your head. It is a grieving. When you cut someone out of your life like that it’s pretty harsh.”

However, she insists that right up until Sylvian confessed he had feelings for his new skating partner, Samia, things were just great.

Jen and Sylvian had been together for two years. Copyright: [rex]

Jen says:“Our relationship was great, a really good two years. Marriage and kids were in vision. I loved the guy unconditionally inside and out. He adored me in every way.”

So what on earth went wrong?

“In the early hours of Christmas morning he told me on the phone that Samia and himself had had a conversation about their feelings for each other."

“He didn’t go into detail. He said he fancied Samia but in the next breath he said he loved and adored me — so try and get your head around that one."

And Jennifer even says that Samia had told Sylvian the feeling was mutual, despite knowing he had a girlfriend.

“Samia had told him she liked him when she finished with her boyfriend. It was a hard pill to swallow for me,” the Hollyoaks actress says.

Well, onward and upwards Jen, we can pretty confidently predict that there will be plenty more gorgeous men in your life.

And here's hoping Samia Ghadie falls flat on her face on tonight's DOI.... *ahem* we mean here's hoping she does REALLY well...

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