Jennifer Lawrence slams Miley Cyrus’ on and off stage behaviour: For some disgusting reason, young sex sells

Well, someone had to say it.

Jennifer Lawrence has labelled Miley Cyrus' onstage behaviour as disgusting. Copyright [Rex] Jennifer Lawrence has hit out at Miley Cyrus’ over her sexualised new image, labelling it ‘disgusting’.

The 23-year-old Oscar-winning actress was asked by BBC Newsnight about what example Miley Cyrus was setting for young women, and she didn’t exactly hold back.

She said: “It is a part of the entertainment industry that sells. Sex sells, and for some disgusting reason young sex sells even more.

“For some people, that’s how they feel best, that’s how they feel sexy.”

Jen went on to add that as long as she makes films that are watched by young girls she will strive to stick to being a good role model for them.

She added: “Growing up I didn’t have a female hero the way that Katniss is and I think she’s a wonderful role model for young girls.

“I’m happy that they have a character like that.”
Jennifer Lawrence actively seeks to be a good role model. Copyright [PA]
While Jen actively seeks to set a good example, Miley on the other hand seems to be trying her very best to do just the opposite.

Over the weekend she appeared on stage dressed in a VERY high cut leotard when performing and accepting an award at the MTV EMA awards in Amsterdam.

To make matters worse, the 20-year-old singer then went on to light up a suspicious looking roll up and smoke it in front of a gob smacked audience.
Miley Cyrus lit up a suspect looking roll up on stage this weekend at the EMAs. Copyright: [Twitter]
Following the backlash she received for the stunt, Miley took to Twitter to say exactly how she felt about what she had done.

Which wasn’t very much.

She tweeted:  “Sometimes in life you just gotta decide to not give a f***”

Something tells us Jennifer’s words will have fallen on deaf ears.

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