Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have reportedly broken up

First Britney Spears and her fiancé and now Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have reportedly gone their separate ways.

Nicholas and Jennifer have reportedly split. Copyright [Wenn]

What is going on in the world of celebrity romance today?

Jennifer Lawrence, 22 and Nicholas Hoult, 23 have reportedly mutually decided to end their nearly two year relationship according to In Touch magazine.

A source told the mag: “They’re young and grew apart. But they remain friends.”

Jennifer and Nicholas met on the set of 2011’s ‘X-Men: First Class,’ where soon after they begun dating.

Throughout their time as a couple, the two managed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

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The Hunger Games actress had previously admitted that this had been a planned decision with the two wanting to avoid being known as a ‘celebrity couple’.

She said: "You don't want your relationship to be in the press, but at the same time - and this is only a theory - the more you try and keep it secret, the more the media tries to crack it open.

“Maybe there's less pressure if you admit you are dating. Admitting that is just an experiment. I'm going to see how it goes."

Nicholas and Jennifer met on the set of X Men: First Class two years ago. [Copyright Splash]

However, as their romance blossomed, Jennifer opened up more about their relationship in interviews, previously gushing about how good looking Nicholas was.

She admitted: “He has absolutely no idea how good-looking he is... I think a lot of women and men hate me because of that.”

It was revealed this week that Jennifer Lawrence had been nominated for both an Oscar and a BAFTA for her role in film ‘Silver Lining’s Playbook’.

Nicholas Hoult meanwhile, who has previously starred in ‘Skins’ and ‘About a Boy,’ is gearing up for the release of highly anticipated horror comedy ‘Warm Bodies’.

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