Jennifer Lawrence falls over as she collects Best Actress Oscar 2013 - WATCH the moment it happened

Jennifer Lawrence had the ultimate embarrassing moment, falling over on her way to collect her Best Actress Oscar 2013 tonight.

Jennifer Lawrence fell up the stairs as she collected her Oscar for Best Actress. Copyright [Twitter]

The Silver Linings Playbook actress tripped as she made her way up the stairs to the stage to collect her Academy Award gong.

Looking clearly red-faced as she got to the microphone the 22-year-old said to the crowd who gave her a standing ovation: "You guys are just standing up because you felt bad that I fell down."

Massive cringe moment right there.

Jennifer Lawrence held her head in her hands as she tripped and fell on the Oscars 2013 stairs. Copyright [Get …

J-Law beat off competition to win the Oscar for Best Actress at the swanky ceremony on LA tonight.

We wonder whether she tripped because she was feeling faint from hunger.

The Hunger Games star earlier admitted on the red carpet that she was "starving" because she hadn't had time to eat all day.

Jennifer Lawrence recovered well after tripping and falling up the stairs on the way up to collect her Best Actress …

And she caused much amusement when she revealed she was going to order herself a MacDonalds to eat because she was so famished.

She earlier told Ryan Seacrest that she hoped the ceremony would hurry up because she wanted to eat the canapes.

Her weight has recently come under fire, after she has appeared looking skinnier than normal throughout awards season.

But she silenced critics this evening, immediately talking about food in her red carpet interviews.

Jen looked stunning tonight in a blush Dior gown that looked pretty like a wedding dress, something we wondered whether it was intentional after she admitted this weekend that she was "lonely".

The actress is no stranger to malfunctions of sorts - after her Dior dress appeared to rip at the SAG Awards earlier this year when she went up to an accept an award there.

Her recent mishap might have something to do with having too much to drink, though, after she told press afterwards that she was "drunk".

Jennifer Lawrence takes a trip at the Oscars!And the most embarrassing moment of the Oscars has to go to Jennifer Lawrence who tripped up accepting her award!

Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart had a good chat on the Oscars 2013 red carpet. Copyright [Getty]

Now that's how a winner dresses! Jennifer shone on the red carpet before picking up her first Academy Award at the Oscars 2013. Copyright [Rex]

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