Jennifer Aniston has wardrobe malfunction, shows off cupping marks covered in concealer during red carpet premiere

Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions happen to even the most A List of stars, including Jennifer Aniston, who's suffered a HUGE one. She was photographed on the red carpet showing off cupping marks on her back, badly covered by concealer.

Jennifer Anuston suffered a wardrobe malfunction last night, with cupping marks clearly visible on her back. Copyright …Jennifer Aniston looked absolutely incredible in a strapless play-suit at the premiere for Call Me Crazy, but when she turned around the wardrobe malfunction was plain to see - she had massive cupping marks clearly visible on her back.

'Cupping' is a celeb favourite - an ancient Asian procedure where glass cups are placed on the skin using heat or suction, to stimulate circulation.

Jennifer Aniston's cupping marks looked to be covered up by concealer. Copyright [Rex]The side effect, however, is red marks from where the cups have been placed. Jennifer looked like she'd attempted to cover the marks up with concealer but the imprints showed up under the bright paparazzi flash-bulbs.

She managed to pull the look off though, looking ludicrously toned and gorgeous in the chic black playsuit.

Jennifer Aniston opted to wear a strapless dress which accentutated the marks. Copyright [Rex]Jennifer kept her hair and makeup as effortless as ever, with her locks pulled into a casual ponytail.

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Her legs looked perfectly toned which apparently is all down to a bit of yoga.

Jennifer Aniston is the latest star to have a wardrobe malfunction. Copyright [Rex]Jen's trainer recently revealed: "She has a naturally beautiful

body, so yoga really keeps her toned and trim, highlighting her shape.

She is very in tuned into her body."

Jennifer Aniston looked amazing in her playsuit which showed off her amazing toned legs. Copyright [Splash]