Jennifer Aniston shows off legs at film premiere, we conclude she must live in a gym

Jennifer Aniston showed off some gorgeously toned legs at the premiere of her new film Call Me Crazy last night leading us to conclude she must live in a gym.

JenAn looked amazing at her premiere last night. Copyright: [Wenn]

Jennifer Aniston have you been working out? Er, this is celeb land, of course she blimmin' has. But wow, is all the hard work clearly paying off.

The 44-year-old stepped out at the LA premiere of her new film last night, ditching her trusty LBD for some super sexy shorts.

We reckon just to show off her gym-honed legs.

In fact, if we had Jen's pins we would have probably just gone in a pair of bikini bottoms.

So what is Jen's secret? Well, it's all down to a bit of yoga appaz.

The secret to Jennifer Aniston's body is appaz a bit of yoga! Copyright: [Wenn]

Yep, JenAn is reportedly a huge fan of the excercuse and even practices it on the set of her films.

See, we knew she must be working out pretty much 24/7.

Her trainer, Mandy Ingber recently said: "She has a naturally beautiful body, so yoga really keeps her toned and trim, highlighting her shape. She is very in tuned into her body."

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