Is Jennifer Aniston PREGNANT? Our evidence suggests she may be…

Could Jennifer Aniston secretly be pregnant?

Could Jen be preggers? Copyright: [Splash]

Well, just check out the evidence...

You see, Jen has been making us very suspicious of late, demonstrating all sorts of classic pregnant, 'I'm SO not pregnant!', celeb behaviour.

1. Just check out this 'I'm so not pregnant, but I am just going to hold this object (in this case shopping bag) over my empty tum so you don't look at me'

It's the classis 'Don't look at my tum!' pose. Copyright: [Splash]

Classic distraction technique.

2. She has CLEARED her schedule and pulled out of two films. This is just NOT Hollywood actress behaviour, so she MUST have something big filling the coming months.

And by BIG, we mean her tum.

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3. She avoided the custom-made margaritas served at her OWN  intimate party for soft drinks.

4. She has been snapped out in huge oversized, not overly flattering coats which are a far cry from her usual slinky style.

We cannot believe this make-under is for real, and instead reckon she is seemingly borrowing Justin's wardrobe to keep any bumps firmly under wraps.

Sorry Jen, we may or may not have just blown your cover.

But if Jennifer is preggers, then do we have a shotgun wedding on our hands?!

Perhaps Jutin Theroux hoped that the huge engagement rock would distract from the teeny weeny celeb growing in Jen's tum...

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, engagement ringYep, it's one HUGE ring! Copyright [Getty]

Still, what do we know? Perhaps she just likes massive coats and even bigger lunches?