Jedward talk setting Robert Pattinson up with Kesha, going to space with Taylor Swift and meeting Psy

We interviewed Jedward this week and just ten minutes with the big haired Irish twins we learned the following:

Jedward exclusive interviewomg! had a chat with the winners of our Best Boyband of 2012 pool

To summarise:

1) They are very happy to have been voted the Best Boyband of 2012 by readers of omg! and want to thank everyone who voted.

2) They have a brand new series of their TV show on the BBC called Jedward's Big Adventure in which they even visit the Cheddar Gorge and go to Grenwich with Stacey Solomon.

3) They are very excitable.

4) They would like to do a gig in Orkney.

5) They would like to take Jedward into space with Rocky and Taylor Swift before popping into heaven to interview Elvis and give him a DVD of Jedward's Big Adventure.

6) Niall Horan came to see them in panto.

7) They are very excited about Rylan Clark being on Celebrity Big Brother.

8) They would like to take Robert Pattinson on a big adventure so he could be their 'spiky haired triplet'.

9) They also want to set Rob up with Kesha.

10) Psy follows them on Twitter.

11) They want to release a fragrance called Jexxy.

12) They like Yahoo omg!'s hair.

But what you reading this for? Why not just watch the video and find out for yourself!

Plus, the boys also exclusively answer YOUR fan questions!