Jedward beat One Direction AND The Wanted to win Best Boyband of 2012 title *shocked face*

When we launched our Best Boyband of 2012 poll, we were fairly certain that One Direction or The Wanted would easily win.

JedwardJedward have topped our Best Boyband of 2012 poll. Copyright [WENN]Both One Direction and The Wanted have had amazing years in which they've stormed the US charts. However, we have a serious shock on our hands, with Jedward winning the vote.

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A whopping 44,213 votes were cast *gawps* with Jedward narrowly pipping runners up, Westlife, to the post with 45% of the vote.


JedwardJedward came first in the poll. Copyright [WENN]Westlife finally called it a day in 2012 with a very emotional farewell tour which had fans crying and reminiscing and all sorts. For a while, the Irish group were leading our poll before Jedward ran away with the votes. Westlife finished up in second place with an impressive 17981 (41%) votes, and One Direction took third place with 3227 votes.

WestlifeWestlife were second in the poll. Copyright [Rex]It goes to show that millions of record sales and global domination doesn't necessarily make you the best where fans are concerned.

And when we saw how many votes Jedward had received, we asked YOU why the boys managed to nab the title of Best Boyband.

One DirectionOne Direction came in third place. Copyright [Rex]@Ed_witha_Zzz

i love that@planetjedward is high spirited. their randomness makes you realize you can be happy even in little things


Their music, their talent to make people smile & have fun, enthusiasm, attitude to life, sense of style & their creativity. :)


#Jedward never give up! don't do things the way other people expect them to be done, they make me smile, concerts rock & hugs!

JedwardJedward fans told us why they loved the boys so much. Copyright [WENN]@DebbiesDuck



Their concerts (they're amazing live) their enthusiasm, positivity, humour, kindness & their many varied talents.  I had a phobia of flying, but wanted to see Jedward in Germany & Ireland, so for them I got on a plane.


I love the way @planetjedward handle all the criticism hurled at them with dignity and good-humour, and never disrespect others

Congratulations Jedward!

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