Jason Manford stands up for Gary Barlow against trolls. We salute you.

Blogger of the day award goes to comedian Jason Manford who has publicly stood up for Gary Barlow against a load of nasty internet trolls.

Gary Barlow performed at the Closing Ceremony despite his personal tragedy. Copyright [Getty]

The '8 Out Of 10 Cats' star angrily took to his blog today to shout down those who tore into him for calling the singer a superstar at the Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Funnyman Jason had dished out praise on Sunday night (just like the rest of us here at omg!) for the Take That's star's bravery at performing just days after he and his wife lost their fourth baby.

Jason Manford took to his blog to defend Gary Barlow against the trolls.

But he received a barrage of abuse from people claiming a range of spiteful things, such as: he only did it for the money; he let his wife and kids down by putting his job first; and that his experience is not as bad as someone who loses a child "who lived properly".


We knew trolls were mad but we never thought people could actually post this rubbish.

And that's clearly what Mr Manford thinks as he posted a lengthy follow-up blog, picking out the worst of the replies and outlining to each just why Gary Barlow's decision to perform with Take That to close the Games was one of guts.

Jason Manford blogged that Gary Barlow was a superstar for performing. Copyright [PA]

He posted: "Some of you are utterly horrendous. I mean genuinely thick as sh**, heartless wastes of oxygen who I am ashamed have liked my page and my work."

But the hardest bit to read - and the part that made our eyes prickly is the part at the end where Jason outlines just *how* unspeakable it actually would be to lose a child.

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He ends with: "They wait for the cry and for the midwives and doctors to turn to them and say "here's your baby guys, well done……" And then, nothing. Nothing. For the longest time. Nothing."

It wasn't long before Jason Manford and Trolls and Gary Barlow were trending nationwide on Twitter.

We for one are completely choked up and salute everything he says.

Read Jason Manford's BLOG in full HERE