Jason Biggs EXCLUSIVE: We behaved like eight year-olds on set of American Pie: Reunion

Any American Pie fan will know the antics of Stifler, Jim and the rest of the crew make for compulsive and stomach-aching viewing.

And it appears the films franchise's cast have as much fun making it as we do watching it with Jason Biggs, who plays Jim, telling us:

"I'm surprised we actually got anything filmed because we behaved like eight year-olds on set. I guess that's what makes the chemistry so good."

American Pie: Reunion sees the cast come together to reminisce and relive their school years although it sounds like nothing had really moved on.

Jason added: "Even though our perspectives on life had changed, when we got back on set, we all fell right back into this wonderful chemistry we had from the very first movie."

The main star of the films has to be Seann William Scott who plays, Stifler, and there doesn't appear to be any rivalry between the cast.

"Seann is so funny and he doesn't even need to try," Jason told us. "He is so great at playing Stifler."

american pieAmerican Pie: Reunion saw the cast act like 8-year-olds. [Copyright: WENN]

The praise continued too… "Sometimes Seann's choices almost seem ridiculous but they work brilliantly. And he is the nicest guy, so it's funny to see him play this character that is so different to who he is in true life.

And we couldn't do an omg! feature without mention Jim's dad, played by Eugene Levy, who Jason also admires.

He said: "Eugene is a genius. He is one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet. I really look up to him a lot."

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