James Corden has tonsilitis, Chris Evans on standby to host tonight’s Brits

James Corden was believed to be so poorly this morning that Chris Evans was put on standby to host tonight's BRITs.

James is suffering tonsilitus. Copyright: [wenn]

Chris told his Twitter followers on Friday that he was on standby if James loses his voice ahead of the show tonight.

The One Show host wrote: "Just been declared official Brits stand by host/understudy. In case James's voice doesn't make it to the Lifetime Achievement award,"

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James has fallen ill with nasty tonsillitis (ouch) however is hoping he will battle through and manage to turn up onstage.

A source in the know says: "James has been really excited about presenting the Brit awards and doesn’t want to have to pull out."

Chris Evans is on standby. Copyright: [wenn]

"Getting better in time for the big night is his number one priority."

We just hope James does manage to feel better soon and doesn't have to duck out last minute.

If we could, we would pump him over a vat of chicken soup ASAP.

However, this did get us thinking... we wonder who else is on standby? Well, what if Chris Evans loses his voice?

Who would be in line for the BRITs throne then? And how many people would have to be ill for us to end up hosting? Surely, somewhere along the line it's a mathematical certainty.

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However, it seems that James will be up for hosting duties after he spoke on Radio Two this morning saying he was "absolutely fine".