Is James Arthur the worst X Factor winner of all time?

Quite possibly.

Is James Arthur the worst X Factor winner? Copyright [Wenn] In the ten years the X Factor has been around, no winner has caused anywhere near as much controversy as James Arthur has in past few months.

His public spats with fellow musicians paired with his offensive tweets and lyrics has done nothing to help the singer’s reputation of late.

Now we would like to take this moment to say that we are by no means questioning James’ musical abilities – the boy can certainly sing and more importantly sell records.

His debut single Impossible sold 1.2 million units in the UK alone and 2.5 million around the world.

James’ follow up track ‘You’re Nobody until Somebody Loves You’ charted at number two and his debut album has already gone silver. Not to mention that his first UK Tour looks set to be a sellout.
James Arthur has talent, why not promote it? Copyright [Wenn]
So why feel the need to take focus away from these incredible successes by continually spewing diatribe and bile at every Tom, Dick and Louis (Tomlinson) who manages to tick him off?

While he was on the X Factor James came across well – likeable even. His rags to riches story was one that had been told throughout the show’s history time and time before him.

But once the show ended and he no longer needed viewer’s votes, something went horribly wrong – Nicole Scherzinger may have wanted her boys to have balls but James unfortunately simply speaks a load of them.

Louis Tomlinson, Matt Cardle, Rita Ora and boy bands in general are just some of the notable people who have found themselves on the end of James’ acid tongue – well keyboard at least.
Louis Tomlinson is one of the many celebs to feud with James Arthur. Copyright [Rex]
James of course branded Louis a ‘little b***h’ after he accused him of sending rude text messages, stated ‘f**k boybands’ – aside from JLS who he thinks are cool FYI, alluded some not very nice things about Rita Ora by asking the question ‘who hasn’t had interest from Rita Ora?’ and slated Matt Cardle’s album sales – despite Matt’s debut actually selling more.

[James Arthur calls Louis Tomlinson a 'little b***h' before slamming boybands]

[James Arthur feuds with Matt Cardle]

Of course none of this is in fact James’ fault. Oh no, the second someone disagrees with his behaviour he’s quick off the mark to say that he’s yet again a victim of a witch hunt just because his views are somewhat unorthodox.

Except there’s a distinct difference between someone having an unorthodox opinion and being downright rude or offensive.

James no longer controls his official Twitter account after he caused outrage following a rap directed toward MC Micky Worthless that he posted online calling him “a f***king queer.”
Lucy Spraggan posted a text message conversation between herself and James Arthur on Twitter. Copyright [Rex]
And now his behaviour seems to be having a detrimental effect on his longevity as an artist with fans  tweeting today that they have been applying for refunds on his album from iTunes following fellow X Factor 2012 alumni Lucy Spraggan kindly sharing a text conversation between them with the world.

[Lucy Spraggan shames James Arthur with screenshot of text argument]

[James Arthur quits Twitter following homophobic slur]

After she took offence to the aforementioned rap, James sent Lucy a rather lengthy set of messages including the ever so modest sentence: “My album sold 10 times youres (sic) in its first week so you can f**k off with your career sh**e. Stop reading the press 'mate'. Real people don't care."
Lucy Spraggan and James Arthur's argument. Copyright [Twitter]
Looks like his album sales may now be selling even less than Matt..

So what can James do to turn it all around? Well the fact that his management have now taken control of his Twitter can’t hurt.

But what happens when James is back online and someone or something ticks him off?

Well, how about taking a leaf out of Leona Lewis’ book for a start?
James Arthur should follow Leona Lewis' example. Copyright [Instagram]
Go on Leona’s Twitter feed and you’ll see nothing but fan interaction, talk of animal activism and general excitement about all the lovely things in her lovely, lovely life.

Seriously follow her account, it really is lovely.

So when she wrote earlier this year “F**k the grand national,” people knew something was up. Leona’s lovely outlook on life had been temporarily impaired and she needed everyone to know how she felt.

But if James was to, hypothetically, have a decent point to make about something he was genuinely passionate about like Leona did, his past endless written vitriol means no one would bother to sit up and take notice.

He’s shot himself in the foot and he’s only been around for a year.

James needs to solely focus on his career and not those of others if he wants to be making music for years to come. There’s no doubt he has talents, unfortunately one of those is not knowing when to shut up.
Fearne Cotton gets tounge lessons from Miley Cyurs. Copyright [Instagram]
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