James Arthur admits he would do a Justin Bieber and get his abs out if he got into shape

Since winning the X Factor last year James Arthur has been getting his fair share of female attention.

James Arthur wants to get into shape. Copyright [Rex/Wenn]

And now it seems he could be gaining even more if his plans to get a personal trainer are anything to go by.

The ‘Impossible’ singer told The Sun that if he managed to get himself in shape he would be happy to pose topless.

Well if it works for Justin Bieber, why not James Arthur?

He said: “If I had a trainer and a washboard stomach, of course I would get it out.

“But at the moment I find it too weird – it’s just confidence.”

This isn’t the first time that James has spoken about changing his appearance.

After winning The X Factor, James admitted that one of the first things he would like to change were his “s*** teeth”.

James will be working with Adele's former producer. Copyright: [Splash]

Moving on from James’ appearance, 2013 looks to be an incredible year for the singer who has been linked to working with Fraser T Smith.

And who is Fraser T Smith we hear you ask?

Oh, he’s just some producer who worked on a little album called 21 by some lady called Adele.

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According to The Sun, Smith will be overseeing the entirety of James’ debut album.

It sounds like James Arthur is in good hands then.

Not that he really needs much help in the sales department.

Since its release three weeks ago, James’ debut single ‘Impossible’ has racked up an impressive 897,000 sales.

We have a feeling that James Arthur will be sticking around for quite a while.