Jameela Jamil lets slip that Justin Timberlake MAY have been recording with Beyonce EXCLUSIVE

Jameela Jamil exclusively let slip to omg! that Justin Timberlake may be planning a duet with none other than blimmin' Beyonce.

Jameela reckons Timbers and Beyonce have been recording together! WE. KNOW. Copyright: [wenn]

omg! caught up with Jameela for a good ol' chin wag about The Chart Show in which she let slip some VERY exciting news.

We learned yesterday that Justin is planning a musical comeback while Beyonce will be releasing new material with Destiny's Child.

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And Jameela reckons that this could be a combined affair!

So just how did this bombshell come about, we hear you scream?

Well, first of all, we asked Jameela just who she would love to have on her new show as a guest, her dream guest if you will.

Jameela told us: “Beyonce, I am obsessed with her, I think the main reason I came into this industry is just so I could maybe touch her arm.”

“If I ever meet her I will just hang on to her leg and let her drag me around, I’d probably get arrested but I would get arrested for Beyonce, I love her!”

Jameela's dream guests! Copyright: [wenn]

OK, so that's on the girls side but which male star would Jameela love to meet on the show?

Jameela told omg!: “I would love Justin Timberlake to make a comeback because he is amazing!"

"How did that boy come from being that squeaky pre pubescent boy to being the don of music?”

“The word on the street is that he could be recording with Beyonce, he was seen coming out a recording studio with her.”


In which case, they will almost definitely chart BIG and thus possibly turn up on the Chart Show which means we get the best duet EVER and Jameela gets to meet her dream guests.


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