Jade Little Mix: ‘I did NOT cheat on Sam Craske’, rumours still rife

Jade Thirwall from Little Mix insists that she did NOT cheat on her boyfriend, Diversity's Sam Craske despite the rumour mill going into over drive.

Jade is alleged to have cheated on Sam with Derry! Copyright: [wenn]

The story is that Jade cheated on Sam with Derry Mensah from X Factor's The Risk.

Yep, remember them?!

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The Sun reported yesterday that Jade got close to Derry while on tour with Little Mix behind Sam's back.

This concerned us for two reasons, first Jade seemed so happy with Sam and secondly this Derry chap is massive ladies man!

Derry is in The Risk, remember them?! Copyright: [wenn]

A pal of Jade's told The Sun: "She is devastated at the thought of her affair getting out — and how it will harm her image."

"She was seeing Sam when she slept with Derry. Jade and Sam have a good relationship built on trust because they are both busy people."

"But Jade was attracted to Derry and he knows how to woo the ladies."

However, Jade is adamant these are all lies and wrote on Twitter last night: "I did NOT cheat on my boyfriend."

But as our Ma used to say, there is no smoke...

Jade's alleged secret snogs with Derry were back in April and a spokesperson for Little Mix has suggested she only got close with Sam in May.

However, there are pictures of the pair kissing from before this, we just don't know what to believe!