Jade Goody's estate hit with £1 million tax bill, her mum vows to fight for her sons

It was Jade Goody's dying wish that her two sons' private education be paid for up until the age of 18 - but now her estate has been hit with a £1 million tax bill, meaning they could be left with nothing.

Jade Goody's estate has been hit with a huge tax bill, meaning her sons could be left with nothing. Copyright  …
Jade Goody's mum, Jackiey Budden, has vowed to fight the decision on behalf of her grandsons, saying: "Why are they bringing this now four years after her death? It was her dying wish that the two boys had the life she never had.”

Over the past month, HMRC has upped Jade's tax bill from £566,000 to £1,035,902, having ruled that business expenses and losses from her beauty salon could not qualify for tax relief.

Jade Goody worked hard to ensure that her sons, Bobby and Freddie, would be provided even after her death. Copyright …
The news means that Jade's sons, Bobby and Freddie, could be left with none of their inheritance.

Trustee of the estate, Danny Hayward, told The Sun: "Jade was determined to give the boys the education she never had. We’ve paid their private school fees to the end of the year but we can’t after that. Jade would be heartbroken."

He continued: "We intend to appeal and fight to the end in true Jade-style to fulfil her last wishes for the boys."

Jade Goody married Jack Tweed before she died, but all her money was left to her sons. Copyright [Rex]

Jade Goody, who found fame on Big Brother, died in 2009 at the age of 27 following a battle with cervical cancer.

Before she died, Jade said she needed to get her affairs in order to make sure her boys, who were just five and six when she died, would always be financially stable.

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Jade Goody had numerous business ventures including launching her own perfume. Copyright [Splash]

She said: "I've got to make a will. I've got to make sure that everything's in place to give my boys the best possible life that I can give them."

"I don't want my boys to have anything but the best education because I know that that will give them the best chance in life. So I'm going to make sure that I pay for them to have the best education possible and they'll know that their mum did that for them."