Jack Whitehall EXCLUSIVE: ‘I performed for Prince Charles’: takes the omg! Posh Test

Jack Whitehall has been up partying with Noel Gallagher all night, he is worried he has peed off his girlfriend after getting in late and is VERY hungover.

Jack looking a whole lot fresher than when we met him! Copyright: [wenn]

We think this might just be quite a tough interview for all involved, so we offer him some orange juice and chocolate bar to perk him up.

Hungover or not, we have a job to do: find out just how posh Jack Whitehall is with our scientifically accurate (probably) omg! Posh Test.

However, Jack is a clever boy and before we can start he drops a very posh bombshell, earning himself instant posh points:

Jack told omg!: "I have met Prince Charles, I did a gig at his house for his staff — he has a very good sense of humour!"

"He loved all the jokes about the Royal family. Camilla is a great laugh too, she was shouting stuff out, heckling…. Actually no she wasn't, she was very good!"

OK, so Jack has performed for royalty, posh points very much up, but has he ever bought jewelry from (heaven forbid!) a catalogue?

Er, of course not!

"No! I bought wrestling figures from Argos, but never jewelry"

Posh score very much maintained.

But geek points most definitely up!

Posh question three: do your family own a Land Rover which smells of Labrador?

"No, they don't actually they drive a Kia, a bit shit really."

A bit shit perhaps, but still a car equivalent of shopping in Waitrose we reckon.

Plus 2 posh points.

How do you hold your knife?

"I hold it in the wrong hand, I always have, not very posh."

Posh points deducted.

Jack's DVD is out now, it's well good. We know because he gave us a copy. Copyright: [rex]

Finally, for added bonus posh points and pretty much a free pass to the Kings Road: when flicking through the back pages of posho bible Tatler does he see people he went to school with?

Jack says: "I do see people I know, I once sat next to two brothers who read through Tatler saying 'Had' every time they saw a lady they had, er had"

At which point we have to know, was he sitting with Spencer Matthews, perhaps?

"No, but a similar type!".


Posh points added by association.

So after tallying up the score we reckon it's pretty safe to say that Jack Whitehall definitely is as posh as he seems on the old telly.

We've proved it, and you can't argue with omg! science!

Now go buy his new DVD which is out right now!

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