Jack Tweed sparks Rhodri Giggs/Natasha Giggs Twitter war

We love witnessing a good old celeb Twitter spat take place and tonight Jack Tweed and Rhodri Giggs have provided us with the perfect armchair entertainment.

Jade Goody's ex had his Twitter say on the Rhodri Giggs/Natasha Giggs relationship - by tweeting he was a 'mug' for reportedly taking her back after her affair with brother Ryan Giggs.

The Essex lad posted: "How has giggs brother taken her back after an 8 year affair. One word come to mind. #mug" [sic]

Within minutes Ryan Giggs' brother - who was pictured spending the first night with his wife in months following Natasha's exit from the Celebrity Big Brother house - had publicly hit back.

He said: "mug.... Hopefully we bump into each other then we'll see who the mug is...little f***** #peopleinglasshouseswhoareyoubytheway??"

Natasha, who was evicted from the famous house on Friday waded into the spat herself tweeting: "@JackTweed_ of all the people I would've thought u would not believe everything u read #mug #jogon".

He replied: "@NatashaGiggs u admitted it on big brother no?"

And soon Jack had upped the anti with a pretty awful comment (too awful to publish here as it put us off our dinner.)

The spat is still ongoing with another tweeter suggesting a charity boxing match between the pair might be amusing.

Watch this tweet we say...