Isla Fisher: 'I never take lead roles now I am a Mum', talks keeping that all important work/life balance EXCLUSIVELY to omg!

Isla Fisher says she never takes lead roles in movies anymore to make sure she keeps a work/life balance now she is a Mum.

Speaking exclusively to omg! at the junket for her new movie, Now You See Me the gorgeous actress confessed that she is careful about how much work she commits to now she has a family.

“I’m very cautious about what I take, I don’t take the lead role – I’m never interested in being the lead role in anything,” Isla told us.

“In the Great Gatsby, I only worked for ten days and in this movie I worked 29 or 31 days and they were very spread out.”

“So actually I am very fortunate that I get to spend way more time with my family than other working mums – so I can’t complain!”

Isla, 37,  is mum to Olive Baron Cohen, 5, and Elula Lottie Miriam Cohen, 2,  with her husband, Borat actor Sasha Baron Cohen.

Isla Fisher is married to Sacha Baron Cohen who she met in 2002. Copyright: [Rex]

Isla also talked to us about the physical demands of her new film, and her decision not to use a stunt double.

“I didn’t know that you couldn’t do your own stunts until one day I skidded over a wall and the director was like ‘we can have your stunt double do that’”

“I turned around and there was someone identical to me wearing my exact clothing like ‘where do you want me to run from?’, she was in the wings the whole time!”

“At any point I could have been like ‘stunt double appear!’ but instead I was gasping for air in a tank!”

Isla Fisher stars as an escapologist in her new film. Copyright: [Rex]

In Now You See Me, Isla plays an escapologist and told us all about a scene in which chained underwater her planned great escape went wrong.

While filming the scene Isla became so tangled up in the chains that she couldn’t reach the safety button which releases the gallons of water.

“Yes, I ran out of air and I couldn’t get out the tank, my legs got stuck and it was all a bit scary but luckily I survived to wear a swimming costume again!” the Aussie actress told us.

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