Is Alexandra Burke referring to Mr Selfridge star Jeremy Piven in cryptic love tweet?

Alexandra Burke and Mr Selfridge star Jeremy Piven are rumoured to be the hottest new couple in town.

Alexandra Burke tweeted something cryptic today we think may be about Jeremy Piven. Copyright [Splash]

And the X Factor star has got us raising eyebrows this afternoon after she posted a cryptic tweet that could well be referring to their romance.

With lots of chitter chatter on the internet and in the press about their budding romance, Alex took to her Twitter page and said: "Ain't nobody's business but mine and my baby..."

Which tells us TWO key things:

One, she has a baby. We presume not ACTUALLY a baby, and more like a lovey dovey baby.

And two, that she wants the whole world to butt out.

Fair enough.

It could, though, also tell us thing number three which is just that Alexandra is a big fan of Rihanna.

The Bajan star sings "Ain't nobody's business but mine and my baby" in her song, rather aptly named 'Nobody's Business'.

Alexandra and Jeremy were both at Tom Ford's party last week. Copyright [Wenn]

Either way, Alexandra Burke, who has had lots of unlucky love situations over the years, was pictured sneaking into the hotel of Mr Selfridge star Jeremy Piven this week.

The 24-year-old allegedly accompanied the American actor to designer Tom Ford's birthday party last week.

And although the two left in separate cabs, Alex was spotted sliding undercover into the Corinthia hotel, where he was staying.

How very exciting!

According to Heat magazine, the pair were seen getting very friendly at the Tom Ford party last Wednesday at Mayfair private member's club, Loulou's.

A source told the mag: “They were both sitting in the back seat. To avoid being seen Jeremy went into the club first, and Alex joined him about ten minutes later, having driven round the block a few times.”

Inside the party the pair reportedly tried to keep a low profile but were apparently “enjoying each other's company”. Whatever that means.

“The party had cleared out by 2am and Jeremy and Alex were the last two standing,” the insider revealed, “they were really enjoying each other’s company.”

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