Imogen Thomas unveils baby Ariana photos, says she won’t starve herself to lose pregnancy weight

Imogen Thomas has FINALLY unveiled photos of her new baby Ariana and she could not be cuter.

Imogen Thomas has unveiled baby Ariana. Copyright [new! magazine]

Imogen Thomas gave birth to little Ariana Siena two weeks ago but until now has kept her under wraps.

However, last night Imogen tweeted an adorable photo of her and Ariana lying on her shoulder, and today the model has spoken out about her reluctance to starve herself in order to lose her pregnancy weight.

Imogen Thomas posed with her baby last night. Copyright [Imogen Thomas]Speaking to Star magazine, Imogen said: "I want to be a size ten by the summer. I know I said before that I wanted to lose it in four weeks, but I'm not putting pressure on myself like that. I've just given birth - who cares about losing it in a month?"

The model, 31, continued: "There'll be trolls on Twitter saying I'm fat, but I'm prepared for it. What can I do? I've just given birth - what's your excuse?!"

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Imogen went on to reveal that having little Ariana hasn't made her want to marry her boyfriend of two years, Adam Horsley - in fact, she's a bit daunted by the whole prospect.

She explained: "I can't explain this thing about marriage. I don't know what it is. I think I'm just scared,' she admitted.

"But we've just had a baby and still want to go on dates together - that's why my mum's coming up once a month. I think we just need to keep our relationship fresh."