Imogen Thomas suffering in last month of pregnancy, punches boyfriend in her sleep

Poor Imogen Thomas has clearly reached a difficult stage in her pregnancy - and we feel a bit sorry for both her and her poor boyfriend.

Imogen Thomas with boyfriend Adam HorsleyImogen Thomas with boyfriend Adam Horsley. Copyright [WENN]

Imogen Thomas tweeted to reveal that last night she suffered broken sleep - and when she did nod off, she ended up whacking her boyfriend Adam Horsley.

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Imogen said: "Bathroom trips, a nightmare which was so real and punched the bf in his face! That pretty much sums up my nights sleep #poorbf #disturbed."

The pregnant model continued: "Hahahah think he's scared to sleep in the same bed as me tonight! Poor bf xxx"

Imogen Thomas doesn't have long to go before the baby's born. Copyright [Rex]Over the weekend, Imogen was also suffering big mood swings. She tweeted: "Ever get those depressing days? But I've got nothing to be depressed about! I'm very fortunate! Got to snap out of it pronto #hormones."

The former Big Brother star only has a month left of her pregnancy and despite getting the nursery ready for the arrival, Imogen has refused to find out the sex of the baby.

Imogen Thomas revealed: "I can find out the sex now but definitely not going to! Want the surprise. I’m convinced I am having a girl because I can’t stop being sick and eating potatoes of all descriptions, my mum had the same symptoms with me."

Not long to wait now...

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