Imogen Thomas says baby Ariana is ‘so beautiful’ she can’t stop staring at her, aww

Imogen Thomas gave birth to a little girl last week, and since her arrival we haven't heard much from the star.

Imogen ThomasImogen Thomas has revealed that baby Ariana is 'beautiful'. Copyright [Splash]However, Imogen Thomas has revealed today that baby Ariana is 'beautiful'. Aww.

Speaking in Star magazine, Imogen said: "She's so beautiful I can't stop staring at her!"

It follows Imogen's first tweet since the birth which said: "Ariana is perfect. Thanku 2 every1 for all ur well wishes & support. This has been the greatest experience and day of our lives." [sic]

Imogen ThomasImogen Thomas posted this photo when she was 38 weeks pregnant. Copyright [Imogen Thomas]And what's more, a source close to Imogen has said that this happiness has grown since Imogen and her boyfriend Adam took baby Ariana home last week.

The source said: "Imogen is the happiest she's ever been. She says having Ariana has made her life complete and is the best thing to ever happen to her."

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Imogen Thomas gave birth to Ariana Siena Horsley last Monday after the glamour model was forced to have a C-section because the baby was in the breech position.

And before heading to hospital, Imogen decided to have a blow dry so she'd be looking her best after the birth.

She revealed: "I've seen some awful photos of women who have just given birth who look really sweaty and have no bra on. I just want to look OK in my pictures."