Imogen Thomas reveals pre birth blow dry, wanted to look good in first photos with baby Ariana

There are lots of things that expectant mothers do in order to prepare for their baby's birth. But for Imogen Thomas it was less about packing a bag for hospital, and more about pampering.

Imogen ThomasImogen Thomas had a pre-birth blow dry. Copyright [Rex]

Imogen Thomas gave birth to a girl, called Ariana, yesterday. However she revealed that the day before she gave birth via C Section, she had a blow dry.

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Speaking in her Star magazine column, Imogen Thomas revealed: "I went for a blow dry before I went into hospital. I’ve seen some awful photos of women who have just given birth who look really sweaty and have no bra on. I just want to look OK in my pictures."

Imogen Thomas tweeted this photo just before giving birth. Copyright [Imogen Thomas]We're not sure whether Imogen, 31, will have been happy with her pictures given that she'll probably have been wearing scrubs and a hairnet, but at least the desire to look good was there.

Imogen Thomas was due to give birth on Valentine's Day but ended up having to deliver Ariana by caesarian after it was discovered the baby was in the breech position.

Imogen Thomas at her baby shower a few months ago. Copyright [Rex]Yesterday Imogen's spokesman confirmed that Imogen was well after the birth, and revealed the baby's full name - Ariana Siena Horsley.

He said: "Mother and baby are doing really well and are both healthy."

Imogen took to Twitter last night to say: "Ariana is beautiful & perfect. Thanku 2 every1 for all ur well wishes & support. This has been the greatest experience & day of our lives x"

She didn't mention her hair though.