Imogen Thomas calls Nicola McLean a bully in Twitter spat

Imogen Thomas has called Nicola McLean a bully in a HUGE old Twitter spat that unfolded on the social network today.

Imogen Thomas, Nicola McLeanNicola McLean retweeted a tweet about Imogen Thomas's pose in this Twitpic. Copyright [Twitter]

The Irish Big Brother star lashed out at glamour model Nicola McLean after she made fun of her for being an attention seeker on the social networking site.

Imogen tweeted: "I actually think this Nicola Mclean woman is obsessed with me. U are one BIG BULLY. Pls grow up and leave me alone. Sad little troll.

"2day im so ill in bed. Seeing another celebrity put me down is utterly uneccessary and disgraceful. PPL like her push u over the edge. BULLY"

Just minutes earlier Nicola McLean had posted a picture of an article on Imogen Thomas in a magazine with the headline: "How to cope with attention seekers"

She posted: "Lol #thatisall

She then retweeted a follower who made fun of Imogen's bikini pose in Italy recently - and added "lol" to it.

It said: "@AdeleHancock: @MrsNicolaMcLean cringing at the backside bikini photo.. if you ever do that you're getting blocked ;)x"< lol xxx"

Imogen, who earlier tweeted that she'd been to the doctors and wasn't well, added: "Mayb Nicola Mclean needs 2b educated on whats on the news these days&why ppl commit suicide.Cyber Bullying is nasty & I will not tolerate it"

But Nicola retaliated tweeting: "Someone needs to chill hardly bullying???? Another way of getting a attention????"

The pair have been enemies since way back when, with Imogen previously calling Nicola a fake, with the latter hitting back and calling her a "lying sl**".

YIKES ladies.