I'm A Celeb: Helen Flanagan NICKS Ashley Roberts towel, this is bikini babe WAR

It was the battle of the bikini babes on last night's I'm A Celebrity after Helen Flanagan NICKED Ashley Roberts' towel.

The Pussycat Doll came back from her Bushtucker Trial covered in all sorts of yucky slime and ready for a victory shower (she got an impressive 8 out of 10 stars).

But things turned nasty when she realised that Corrie star Flanners had MADE OFF with her fresh, clean towel.

Ashley kicked off in a very I'm-A-Cool American way, while Helen just looked a bit bashful and confused, claiming she had no idea it was hers.

It was soon pointed out that Hezza had three dirty towels by her bed - the cheeky sod!

And to make sure she paid the price there and then, the Northerner was forced to clean Ashley's towel in a pail of water.

Sounds easy enough to you or I but not for Miss Flanagan who made us pull serious GASP faces when she revealed she'd never washed anything in her life before.

Mummy of the camp, Rosemary Shrager helped poor Hels to fill up her bucket and squeeze the dirt out of the towel.

Meanwhile Ashley went off and had a stroppy shower to get all that gunge out from behind her ears. Cue our boyfriends pressing pause on the telly.

In other news, Limahl became the second person to leave the camp when he was voted off, after Nadine Dorries on Wednesday.

Leaving the jungle, he exclaimed to Ant & Dec that he was shocked he hadn't stayed longer, asking "Where was the gay vote".

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