Holly Willoughby talks about looking sexy, we take notes

If anyone could give lessons in how to be sexy, it'd be Holly Willoughby.

Holly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby looking pretty sexy. Copyright [Ruby Ford/LOOK]So now Holly Willoughby's spoken about being sexy we're pretty much grabbing a pen and paper to studiously take notes.

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Holly spoke to Look magazine about making an effort to look blimmin' hot. She said: "I like to look and feel sexy when I'm going out or on a dinner date with my husband, and my hair's a big part of that. Getting it right is like putting on a dress or a pair of heels."

And when asked when she feels most sexy, Holly responded: "When I'm having sex!"

At which point we spat our tea out everywhere.

Holly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby looking sexy again. Sigh. Copyright [Ruby Ford/LOOK]Holly did go on to reveal that she doesn't like to focus too much attention on her figure, at the risk of promoting eating disorders.

The gorgeous TV presenter said: "I meet so many people on This Morning who've lost a child to bulimia or anorexia, and I think celebs talking about what they do or don't eat doesn't help. Someone's got to say: "Let's not talk about this anymore!" So I'm trying to start that campaign on my own."

And despite saying that she's proud of her body for producing her two children, Holly Willoughby did say that she wouldn't rule out cosmetic surgery.

She said: "If you want to go and have a little something done to make yourself feel better, good for you. But there's a limit. These things get addictive."

Holly Willoughby is the face of Oral-B 3D White and models exclusively in the latest issue of LOOK magazine out now'"