Holly Willoughby gives up the day job, strips topless and poses as one of those silver-painted statue people

Is it just us, or should someone be giving up their day job and starting a career in painted-statue people posing?

Holly Willoughby has stripped topless and covered herself in silver paint for a toothpaste campaign. Weird. Copyright …

Holly Willoughby appears to have found a hidden talent after stripping topless for this bizarre photoshoot.

Posing naked and covered in silver paint, Holly latest stunt is to promote Oral B's Shine campaign.

Getting up close and personal with the camera - well it IS shot by Rankin, so... obvs - Holly could easily pass for one of those metallic statue models who strike a pose in town centres for hours on end.

The 32-year-old's look was created by painstakingly applying copious amounts of silver paint to her body, which took a whopping two hours to complete.

Holly said: "It took about two hours to get paint on, shine applied and a tiny bit of sculpting to my face.

Holly Willoughby looks a little bit like one of those statue people in the new Oral B campaign by Rankin. Copyright …

"I love working with Rankin and couldn’t wait to do something totally different to how I’m normally seen."

Admiring the campaign snaps, Holly added: "Oral-B thought of a way to shoot me in a surprising way that you wouldn’t expect from a toothpaste brand.

"It was a great experience to see yourself as you never have before."

Holly was voted as having the best celebrity smile in a recent Oral B poll, followed by Kelly Brook and Tom Daley.

Not that we can see her winning smile when her mouth's closed and she's covered in silver paint...