Holly Willoughby appears more on Britain's Got Talent than The Voice, just WHERE the heck was she?!

Holly Willoughby appeared on this week's episode of The Voice for just 25 seconds, making us think we saw more of her over on Britain's Got Talent.

Holly Willoughby gets paid £28,000 per episode. Copyright: [Getty]

After some rough calculations, our maths reckons that that brings the presenter's fee up to a whopping £67,200 a minute.


We have to say, quite often when we tune into The Voice we do question just where Holly and co-host Reggie Yates have run off to.

They don't exactly heavily feature.

Last week Holly, 32, was seen for just 50 seconds of the 70-minute programme

However, despite the blink and you'll miss them screen time, they pair pocket £28,000 per episode - £400,000 for the series!

Anyone else starting to think they are in the wrong business?

Francine impressed with her impressions on tonight's Britain's Got Talent. Copyright [ITV]

However, Holly did pop up over on rival show Britain's Got Talent as part of impressionist Francine Lewis' act.

Francine impersonated the presenter along with Katie Price, Stacey Solomon and Cheryl Cole.

Her act impressed the judges and made it through to the next round with four yeses.

However, we reckon Holly would be safer to stick to BGT after it properly hammered The Voice in the ratings.

The Voice pulled in a peak audience 7.7 million compared with the 11.4 million for Britain’s Got Talent.

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