Hold on to your hat Caroline Flack, it’s X Factor boot camp time!

It's nearly time for X Factor to start again and we cannot wait! Honestly, anything X Factor related gets us excited and want to throw up our arms in an X shape. Sometimes we even get the urge to do a little Tulisa salute at the sight of a busker.

Caroline arrives in Liverpool Copyright:[wenn]

So we were almost shouty as big voiceover man when we saw these pictures of Caroline Flack as they mean only one thing: X Factor boot camp starts today.

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Yep, while we are pottering about our everyday lives trying to work out whether it is raining enough to put our umbrellas up, peoples' lives have been changing FOREVER at the mercy of Lord Simon Cowell's TV show.

He's probably a lord now right? No?

Caroline arrives to start filming. Copyright: [wenn]

Caroline was arriving at Liverpool Street Station ahead of the yep, you guessed it, Liverpool boot camp, to start her duties as Xtra Factor host alongside Olly Murs.

Instead of rocking a scouse brow and sequins like a proper Desperate Scousewife, Caroline opted for this Russain spy cum Inspector Gadget inspired look.

But hey, it was probably raining and a fedora is far superior to an umbrella and we want to say more stylish, but in this case, maybe not.

At least it sheltered her from the rain, even though at this time of year we should be gushing over sandals and strappy dresses.

However, we will totes let her off as even celebs are allowed to have days off and she was getting off a train rather than a red carpet. Plus, we are loving the shocking blue jeans just maybe not with the coat and the hat.

Take this one as a fashion yellow card Caroline!

ps: Caroline obviously read our thoughts and while we were busy writing this, pictures arrived of her arriving for filming, flashing her pins looking great in her staple short shorts! We just hope she manages to bring the sun out.

That's better! Today Caroline was flashing her famous pins. Copyright: [wenn]