The Hobbit: Prince William flies solo, pregnant Kate Middleton stays at home

Who knew Prince William was a Lord of the Rings fan?

Prince William hit the GREEN carpet last night! Copyright: [rex]

Well, we do now!

Yep, William was snapped walking the GREEN carpet at last night's ROYAL premiere!

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We like to think him and Kate have stayed in with elf ears on and watched all the films in one go.

We wonder if he knows any elfish?

omg! was there and was surprised how quiet the usually roaring crowd went as soon as William's car pulled up.

Everyone pretty much fell into silence as as soon as Wills hit the carpet, with the odd person muttering 'Congratulations' in reference to the new Royal baby!

This last is harbouring the future King or Queen, no biggie. Copyright: [rex]

Also thanks to that baby, Kate was at home as she is still getting better from her acute morning sickness.

Wills recieved amazingly different reaction to any of the stars of the film who were greeted with huge squeals and screams.

Well, this is royalty we suppose.

Plus, if it's good enough for a Prince then you should probably go and check out too,

The Hobbit is out today and it is a cracker, however if you do want to see it then make sure you book a day off work...

It is VERY long.