Oi Little Mix, put your hands up if you have killer abs? Even if you do look a bit like Mr Motivator…

Raise your hands if you have amazing abs? Leigh Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards most definitely do!

Hands up who has a killer bod! Copyright: [rex]

Come one girls, what a away to put us off our lunch, eh?

We literally might just give up eating after seeing these pics of Little Mix and their washboard abs performing in Blackpool.

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Especially you two: Leigh Anne and Perrie!

They girls are looking absolutely fab at the moment and obviously all that hard work promoting their single Wings is paying off.

The girls are looking FIT at the moment! Copyright: [rex]

Not only do they have a number one under their belt but they also are looking absolutely fab after all that dancing and promo!

Plus, we love Leigh Anne for bringing back that Britney esque pierced belly button.

However, we have to say that fashion wise this isn't our favorite Little Mix look — it's all very Jane Fonda and while we guess it can be a bit of a work out on stage...fluro sports bras and trackies?

We're not sure that's such a good look.

We hate to say it but Jade's cat suit and high tops did make us think of this man:

Style inspiration via Mr Motivator. Copyright: [rex]

Yep, we love you Jade but all in one spandex? You can't help but blame us for thinking Mr Motivator.

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