EXCLUSIVE FIRST PICS: Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroger’s baby: Mabel Lavigne-Kroger!

Ever wondered what Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger's baby might look like? Well, we wondered so you don't have to.

Aww! Copyright: [omg!]

Yep, today the news broke that Avril Lavigne and Nickelback front man Chad Kreoger are to be wed.

So you know the old rhyme — first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…

A baby!

With this in mind, shortly after we managed to get our head around the news we started to imagine what their baby might look like.

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So say hello to Yahoo omg!'s very own baby Lavigne-Kroeger.

Isn't she cute?

We think we will call her Mabel.

Mabel Lavigne-Kroger.

She really does have her Dad's smile, doesn't she?

OK, so she's pretty terrifying but she did make us do a big LOL in the office.

Avril and Chad announced their engagement today. Copyright: [rex]

Avril and Chad might be one of the oddest pairings in showbiz, but they are said to be really happy together and friends say they are super excited about their big day.

A source told People: ""A romantic relationship blossomed as they spent time writing together.

"He makes her so happy. Both of their families could not be more excited."

In all seriousness we'd like to congratulate both Avril and Chad and we really hope that if they do have a baby, it looks nothing like our Mabel!