Helena Christensen gets completely naked in new risque pictures for FutureClaw - the woman is 44, life just isn't fair

Helena Christensen's naked body is enough to make us want to cry into our coffees today.

Helena Christensen has posed entirely naked for a photoshoot with FutureClaw magazine. Copyright [FutureClaw m …

The 44-year-old former supermodel (yeah, she's 44, life isn't fair) has posed entirely naked for the latest issue of FutureClaw magazine.

Covering up her lady parts but showing off her boobs in all their perky glory as she arches her back in one pic, Helena clearly hasn't got a single bodily hang-up.

Another snap shows Helena clad in a push-up bra with just an ornamental swan (arty) covering her 'parts'.

The shoot, which appears to have crashed the FutureClaw website with thousands of people eager to see Helena's best bits, took place in the model's New York apartment.

Helena Christensen's naked photoshoot has caused a stir among readers. Copyright [FutureClaw magazine]

And with Helena looking as flawless as she does, the shoot is likely to reinstate her former title of "best body in the world" - previously handed to her by Gianni Versace.

Despite the daring shoot, Helena recently revealed that she doesn't believe the hype surrounding her body, insisting she remains grounded over her looks.

She admitted: "It's not like [I] wake up in the morning going, 'Oh I'm so perfect, I don't need to do anything'.

"Every [model] I know in this business has the same issues as every other woman, maybe more so. You can easily be made to feel self-conscious in this job."

Helena Christensen certainly didn't seem shy in the shoot, which appears in the new issue of the mag. Copyright …

Helena works hard to stay in shape, watching her diet and hitting the gym as often as she can.

She revealed: "I box twice a week when I'm at home in New York. When I'm away, I'll try some pathetic attempt to do 10 push-ups and lunges in my hotel room, but I have this wall I need to get over in my mind before I can work out."

And while she looks entirely confident in her own skin, she says body confidence is all down to preparation.

Helena Christensen's shoot appears in the latest issue with FutureClaw magazine.

She added: "Magazines say we need to do all these crazy things in order to look better on the beach.

"The truth is, work out a bit and get firmer. Get a bathing suit you feel comfortable in. Try to eat a little less of the stuff you know will make you look less firm and don't start two days before you go."

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Sam Faiers showed off the results of her fitness regime this summer on her holiday with Joey Essex. Copyright [SplashNews]
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