Helen Flanagan wraps up warm… in her knickers

It might be freezing outside, but that isn't enough to stop Helen Flanagan from stripping off.

Because who doesn't chill in their knickers. Copyright: [Twitter]

Helen tweeted the sexy snap earlier today with the message: "Just want to cuddle up in the house all day".

OK, very cute and all that but that outfit (or rather lack of) is hardly weather appropriate, is it Hel?

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Still, one thing we do know about Helen is that she loves a good pose, and will do so rain or shine.

Or in this case snow!

We just hope she finds some trousers to eventually leave the house, it is no weather for just a pair of smalls.

Even if you do look as amazing as Flanners does.

And also, in which case could we please have the number of your trainer?

Meanwhile, we will be sticking to our One Direction onesie and hot water bottle for now.

Helen sure does love a good pose. Copyright: [Twitter]

In other Flanners news, yesterday the former Corrie star found herself in all sorts of trouble after she tweeted that she had 'stolen' a dress from a photo shoot.

The world went mad over the fact that Helen hadn't paid for the clobber until she eventually gave in, apologised and agreed to pay for the dress.

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