Is Helen Flanagan turning into Miley Cyrus?

We think Helen Flanagan might be gearing up to find work as a Miley Cyrus impersonator.

The pair posted very similar Twitpics. Copyright: [Twitter/ mileycrus/helenflanagan1]

We came to our conclusions after the Corrie star tweeted this pic in which she bears a serious resemblance the Disney star.

Just look at the evidence…

Miley is well known for her trademark bun which she wears almost everywhere, and now Helen is rocking the up do as well.

Miley loves a bun. Copyright: [rex/twitter/mileycyrus]

So far, yes it could be just a coincidence.

Secondly, Miley dyed her hair bleach blonde this week with Helen quickly following suit.

Hmm, we are getting suspicious…

Thirdly, they both LOVE twitter and have posted constant hair updates for us lot to gawp over.

Both stars love tweeting pics! Copyright: [twitter/helenflanagan1/mileycyrus]

OK, we think we have a serious doppelganger case on our hands!

We have been wondering what Helen has been up to since leaving Corrie.

What next? Helen dumps her footballer boyfriend for a Liam Hemsworth lookalike?

Actually, can we have one of those?

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Helen tweeted the cut snap with the message: 'Wanted a fresh for my 22nd bday coming up... Had it done at Daniel Hersheson by the amazing @DemetriouVicky.'

We just hope it didn't have the same $1000 as Miley's.

Ps: We did tell you that everyone would be copying Ms Cyrus' barnet, didn't we? And now it looks like we were right!