Helen Flanagan says she LOVES her boobs, gets them out in bikini Twitpic

It seems that Helen Flanagan is slowly learning to accept her body, with the star revealing that she LOVES her boobs.

Helen Flanagan has revealed she loves her boobs. Copyright [Helen Flanagan]And, as if to prove it, Helen Flanagan has posted a booby Twitpic of herself in a bikini.

The stunning black and white photo shows Helen wearing a skimpy bikini flaunting her cleavage and flat stomach whilst she pouts for the camera.

Despite battling with 'borderline anorexia' as a teenager, Helen says she's way more confident now.

Helen Flanagan also posted this photo of herself in her underwear. Copyright [Helen Flanagan]The I'm a Celebrity star told Closer magazine: "I'm comfortable with my body. I'm proud of it. My favourite part would be my boobs! I like having a woman's shape. I get conscious of my arms but I don't think it's common to have twig arms when you're busty."

She continued: "I made a scrapbook to help me get over my eating disorder. It was of people who are curvy and beautiful. Now I'm never on a diet. My weight is now perfect for my shape."

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And, as if to prove it further, Flanners, 22, also posted a photograph on Instagram showing her in just sexy skimpy lingerie and suspenders.


She posted the image alongside the caption: "Boyfriends laptop #petite #curvy #ellemacpherson #princesshair #castle"