Helen Flanagan left red-faced as a VERY eager couple have sex behind her while she accepts her FHM Sexiest Woman award - EXCLUSIVE

Helen Flanagan was left feeling seriously awkward at the FHM 100 Sexiest Women party last night when a couple decided to have sex while she was giving her acceptance speech.

Helen Flanagan was left red-faced when a couple started having sex while she was accpeting her FHM Sexiest Woman …

Climbing on to the stage to accept her award to a room filled with laughter, poor Helen didn't quite get what was going on until it was pointed out to her.

Our roving reporter said: "When she went up to accept her award, there was a couple literally having sex in the upstairs section of the super-posh bar. Well, it was the sexy awards after all!

"They were standing up, it was very enthusiastic. And as Helen went up to pick up her gong, everyone noticed the couple and started cheering and wolf whistling. She thought they were cheering for her and got all flustered."

Helen was eventually informed of the shenanigans taking place behind her, leaving her with that 'please will the ground open up and swallow me' feeling in the middle of her speech.

Helen Flanagan clearly wasn't in the mood for partying later, headling to the official FHM afterparty for just …

But despite the commotion, she says she actually felt thankful for the pair, admitting that they helped calmed her nerves and stage fright.

Helen exclusively told omg!: "It was kind of distracting! But it was also brilliant because I didn’t have to say as much, and I was obviously a bit nervous. But I was like, ‘Oh my god’, just dying, you know?

Helen Flanagan told omg! that the couple having sex helped calm her nerves before she accepted her FHM gong. Copyright …

"They were just a random couple, you couldn’t really see them, but I felt sorry for her, the poor girl must have been mortified having that happen at a huge party.

"It was kind of funny, but I just kind of feel for the girl, it must have been mortifying."

Massively awks.

Poor Helen was clearly in no mood to party after that, heading to the official after party for just five minutes before going home - despite having just changed dresses for the occasion.

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