Helen Flanagan poses in bra, boobs look enormous. Standard.

Helen Flanagan loves nothing more than to pose in a bra and post the results on Twitter: this is a celeb fact.

Helen Flanagan loves a bit of a half naked Twitpic. Copyright: [Twitter]

And our eyes nearly popped out our heads when these snaps of Helen Flanagan appeared on our Twitter feeds this morning.

We were distracted by two things in the picture.

Namely, Helen Flanagan's absolutely enormous boobs.


And if that snap wasn't enough, Helen then posted THIS snap:

One thing is certain, Helen Flanagan definitely has one cracking bod. Copyright: [Twitter]

Er, hello butt cheeks! Quite honestly, it's enough to make you blush over your cornflakes.

Although, it must be said the former Corrie star does has an absolutely cracking body so we aren't overly surprised she is so keen on showing it off at every given opportunity.

Helen posted the snaps with a message saying the undies are by posh smalls maker Agent Provocateur.

Helen Flanagan (yes this one) reckons she is shy. Copyright: [Twitter]

However, just moments after posted the frankly rather bold snaps Helen followed up with a message to a follower claiming she is 'shy'.

In response to the tweet: Why did I get so shy and nervous serving @helenflanagan1 in work today?! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™ˆ"

Helen replied: "You didn't seem it at all you were lovely I get shy too :) xxx"

That may be, but you certainly don't look too shy in these snaps Flanners!

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Helen Flanagan flashed her knickers as she donned an eyecatching S&M style dress. Copyright [Wenn]
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