Helen Flanagan poses with gun, world goes mad

Helen Flanagan has found herself in more than a spot of bother after posing with a gun to her head in a near naked Twitter snap.

Helen posed with a gun to her head on Twitter. Copyright: [Twitter]

After posting what she probably believed to be just another standardly lingerie clad Twitpic, the world pretty much erupted on Helen.

Well, Helen didn't exactly pick her timings too well after the snap coincided with the day of the first funerals of the Sandy Hook massacre which claimed 26 victims last Friday.

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Twitter users far and wide instantly condemned her er, accessory and labelled her understandably insensitive, considering.

Since then the whole world seems to have turned on Helen.

She also posted this snap which didn't cause so much of a fuss. Copyright: [Twitter]

Victims parents have even commented with one saying: “It’s just ignorant. When the eyes of the world are on what happened here, to be posing with a gun like that is insensitive and stupid.”

However, we hardly think that Helen expected such a reaction nor in any way linked her posing to the tragedies.

Helen has since deleted the snap, which to make matters worse featured the caption 'Head f***', and tweeted to say how 'hungover' she was the next day.

Lesson here, stick to pants when you pose and possibly, occasionally tune into the news.